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  • The Problem With Old School Network Marketing Tactics In 2021+

    I'm sure you've heard people recommend the old school tactics of spamming people in Facebook groups pitching your amazing new 'opportunity'... Yeah, I've heard it too. Here's the problem though:

    Old School Trainings.
    Have you ever attended trainings by serious Network Marketing companies and realized they only teach you about getting your mindset right, 95% of the time and only 5% is spent on teaching you the procedures? And when they DO teach you the procedures, they only teach you about:
    1) Product trainings (useful but Boring)
    2) Listing down all your contacts (Without teaching you how to talk to them)
    3) OR teaching you copy-and-paste scripted long-ass-paragraph which is TOTALLY not GENUINE, and your friends, families and relatives are not stupid enough not to see through it!

    Building rapport and then inviting your prospect to come to the opportunity meeting within minutes from the start of conversation JUST DOESN'T WORK! It is really not genuine and really threw people off who thought they made a new friend and BOOM!
    "Are you open to making an extra 500 bucks a month?"

    Misleading your prospects. This is not only common in Singapore, it is happening all over the world! Distributors misleading their prospects that it is a job interview, or leading the prospects on to believe it is just a normal coffee and catch up between friends and giving them full blown presentations with your upline at a restaurant 2 vs 1. Or basically saying anything just to get them to come, will have you end up in the NFL (NO FRIENDS LEFT) CLUB!


    Meet Patrick Aung, a Network Marketer from Myanmar, and this is not a rag-to-riches story where he struggles and made it to the top in the end.

    After countless years of being in Network Marketing, Patrick have seen the good, the bad, the positive, and the negative side of the industry.

    He has came to realization, despite the beauty of the industry giving ordinary people the financial freedom, Many of the distributors and representatives practices 'unethical way of operating their business' world wide.

    He researched through and through on why people practice such unethical way to operate their business and also witness a HUGE number of negative feedbacks from people who have a huge misunderstanding of the industry.

    The misunderstanding even come from business-builders who have been in the industry for many years!

    Instead of feeling defeated from all the negative feedbacks from all walks of life on a global scale, it has an opposite effect on Patrick. HE FELT FIRED UP! He decided to thoroughly research the very core of Network Marketing Industry itself and interviewing dozens of the top 1 percenters as well as hundreds of new distributors and had a major epiphany.

    Now, he is 100 percent committed and is on a mission to educate Network Marketers and Entrepreneurs to operate their business, in a correct, ethical manner.

  • What else can Network Marketing do for me? - Build business, earn residual income and Time Freedom of course!

    Time freedom—even if it seems impossible to you right now—is absolutely within your reach. What is time freedom? It’s having the executive privilege of determining how you will use your own time.

    Each day is yours, to decide how to use.

    But that’s not all. True time freedom means having the resources, health, energy, and relationships to be able to enjoy every hour of your life to the fullest. Time freedom has rightfully been called life’s last true luxury.

    How can WE help you achieve greater time freedom?

    By leveraging the concept of true residual income, our TEAM can provide you with the resources you will need to achieve this goal—whatever stage of life you’re in.

    Each day, the average working Singaporean woman with a full-time job and young children spends MORE
    than 7 hours on someone else’s clock—and less than 4 hours of meaningful time with her children.*

    ( 74% of working parents reported that they spend only 3 to 4 hours with their kids on a daily basis due to work commitment.)

    ( Helpers know more about the kids on personal level more than mothers! )

    How does time freedom improve your quality of life?

    • More personal satisfaction and fulfillment as you are able to focus on developing your talents and pursuing your passions.
    • Stronger relationships with those you love as you have more meaningful time to devote to your family and friends.
  • Here's What People Had To Say About Patrick!


    Ever find yourself encapsulated with time consuming propagation of false information and pointless click baits ? Fret no more and contact Patrick, the most down to earth agent you will ever meet. Meticulous and straight to the point without beating about the bush or falsely selling information to mask one’s secret vendetta. Diligent and hardworking, Patrick will willingly go the extra mile for you to prepare and get yourself paired with professional experts to critically improve your insights and cast your network more efficiently. Guaranteed satisfaction ;)



    Patrick Aung has been working together with me for more than 5 years in our direct marketing program.
    He has been very helpful with the marketing portion of our program.

    Because of his knowledge and skill in Digital marketing we made good progress in our marketing .
    I must say that without his contribution we would not have made excellent inroads to our position in this very competitive business area.

    Ban Haw Leong

    Business Owner

    Patrick is a down-to-earth and really humble guy who enjoys helping people. When the pandemic hits, he would brainstorm a hundred and one ways to improve the lives of others at the expense of his sleep. He knows that there is no "one solution that fits all" and will always come up with an idea that suits your own persona.



  • Why do people do Network Marketing?

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Everyone who gets involved in Network Marketing begins on a level playing field. You are not judged by age, background, race, education, or financial condition. And as you help lift others to higher levels, the industry rewards you. It is an inspiring business model indeed.

    - Stephen Covey

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